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JURTAKÖR Nonprofit organization

JURTAKÖR Nonprofit organization.

„ Aim and status of the organization:

The organization is a public benefit organisation working with traditional craft expressions with a non commercial point of view. As a non-profit organization our mission is to encourage the survival of the nomad Hungarian traditions, support the Hungarian Folk Cultural survivorship with our activities. We are not only engaged in the research and preservation of these traditional values but we encourage individual and collective creativity.

The organisation was established in the end of 2008; however we have been dealing with nomad and traditional handicraft more than 15 years.

As an organisation in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we have been dealing with the furtherance of Mongol-Hungarian relationship. A Cooperation agreement was established between us and NARMANDAKH foundation of the Mongolian State University of Agriculture. Our aim is to intensify cultural relations and improve commercialism between the two countries.


Nonprofit Kft.

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